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Mamta Gurung

Structural Engineer

Having just recently graduated from Surrey University, Mamta Gurung is looking forward to making her mark in the engineering field and achieve her goal of becoming a fully chartered engineer.

What's your favourite building and why?

"One of my favourite buildings is the Leadenhall building in London, simply due to the visibility of the structure and how it is a significant element of the architecture. The building successfully demonstrates that there is no limit to creativity and problem solving that can be achieved through structural engineering."

What are your proudest achievements?

"So far, I'm proud of myself for earning my Master's degree and pursuing my passion to become a structural engineer."

What are your goals for the future?

"Right now, as a fresh graduate my primary focus is to broaden my knowledge and experience in the field. To embrace challenges so I can gain confidence and allow improvements in my work. My career goal would be to become a chartered engineer."

Hobbies & Interests

"I love traveling and exploring different cultures through cooking. I also enjoy jogging in the morning and am currently looking for a puppy to rehome."

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