COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update:

For some of our projects we recommend site visits. Based on the latest Government advice we consider these can still be undertaken as they are an essential part of our service. However, if you have any concerns about a site visit, please discuss this with us as we can find alternatives to allow our structural design to be carried out.

Structural Surveys & Reports

We carry out structural surveys and reports for all types of structural issues, including:

  • Cracking in masonry walls

  • Bowing of walls

  • Roof spread

  • Surveys prior to house purchase (Structural survey)

  • Floor deflections and sagging

  • Fire damage

Cracking in existing masonry is a common defect, and can be due to a wide variety of reasons.  We will carefully inspect the property and and draw on our experience to fully consider the likely reasons for the cracking. It is often found that the strengthening and repairs can be relatively straight-forward and that costly and disruptive solutions are not required.

How we can help:


We will undertake a site inspection, typically lasting 1 to 2 hours and then prepare a report on our findings with recommendations for further action.​

For further information on full structural surveys please see our FAQs page.

If you require a structural survey or report, contact our team today.

Do you require an engineer for a structural survey or report?

What our clients say
"I recommend Modulus every time a structural engineer is needed as we are long established roofing contractors."


- Darryl Moran, Moran Roofing