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There is a great skill in conveying technical information in an easy to understand way – we can help you to improve the quality and ease of use of your technical information.

The question that is frequently asked is “Why do I need a technical editor?” A technical editor can make a huge improvement to your publication. The editor will go beyond checking for grammar, punctuation and spelling to address the following issues:

  • Ease of reading

  • Conforming with house style or ensuring that the style is consistent within the publication

  • Publication layout

  • Ensuring the publication is suitable for the target audience

  • Improving poorly structured sentences

  • Reviewing the scientific terms, units and dimensions for accuracy

  • Dealing with the numerical accuracy, layout and consistency

  • Resolving issues of Technical ambiguity

  • Enhancing the synopsis, content, index, headings and subheadings

  • Improving data and chart presentation

  • Ensuring that diagrams and data are clear, consistent and easy to understand

  • Checking citations

  • Checking and proof reading and ensuring that the layout does not waste paper

The work of a good technical editor will rarely be seen; it is only poor editing that is obvious to the reader. A good editor will ensure that the document flows, is easy to navigate and that figures and tables are easy to find and understand.

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